The Unlimited Woman Academy

Coaching for unlimited female entrepreneurs


You’re a big dreamer. While you may be a successful female entrepreneur running a thriving business, you’ve reached your limits. Your personal life is busy, and you’re at capacity in terms of how much work you can take. And it’s great! Really! You’re blessed! But secretly . . . you’re stressed.


  • Fulfill your purpose while living out your true passion

  • See your dreams come to life

  • Gain confidence, and experience the rewards in your personal and professional life

  • Increase sales while decreasing your stress levels

  • Spend more time with your family and friends

  • Enjoy the little—and larger—luxuries, like travel, beautiful things, and whatever your heart desires!

It’s all possible with my signature program, The Unlimited Woman Academy. I’ll show you how!


I created The Unlimited Woman Academy when I saw how many female business owners were established in their current role, but needed help taking their company to the next level. I wanted to show these women how to tap into the deep purpose they felt and apply it to their businesses. Then I wanted to watch them grow!

I have a gift for seeing the gaps in businesses and guiding others into greater clarity and higher satisfaction in their professional life. I see strengths and potential areas of growth. I love helping my clients discover new potential in themselves. I help them turn strengths into success stories.

My program, The Unlimited Woman Academy, is the solution to living a life without borders, personally and professionally.


What my clients are saying…


“I was able to take time off when my daughter was born and I don’t think that would have been able to do that if it wasn’t for Makayla. I am able to spend more time being present with my kids. I have also been able to consistently bring home a paycheck.”—Robyn Courter, owner, blogger, stylist at Posh Pony Boutique

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“I really thought my business would always earn less than $10,000 a year. You can only make so many cookies after all. Makayla has given me vision and a plan to succeed. Where I had limiting vision, she gave me dreams. And more importantly, a way to make a plan to reach those dreams.”Jennifer Evans, owner, baker, coach at Cookies Plz

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Before I found Makayla I was less confident in my business, just spinning my wheels. She pushed me to see my real business potential, and if I hadn’t hired her I wouldn’t be working my event business, it would still be on the back burner. -Cricket Quast, Owner and event planner at JK Bella Events, stylist.

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My business felt like a constant whirlwind of ideas but no way to sort them and work through them in order to create success. After working with Makayla I definitely became more clear about the type of business I want to be identified with and what type of entrepreneur I want to be which has be essential for the success of my business. I am more determined, and have the tools to reach my goals- My business has improved exponentially since beginning to work with Makayla. -Mary Merino owner of The Spanglish Casita